Wait…what? (or: I don’t even…)

So now we have Saint John Paul II. Because of the *miracles* you see.

He’s got to have _two_ of them to be a saint. Since one could be a fluke, or something, but two just, seals the fucking deal. Whatever.

The fantastic part? The 2nd miracle was a woman who had some sort of brain swelling, but the Pope spoke to her through a *picture* and cured her.

That’s right. Traumatic (fatal) brain swelling/bleeding + imaginary hallucination of pope voice == miracle.

Well, spank my ass and call my Thomas, if I had deadly brain swelling, I might fucking hallucinate that the Pope was speaking to me too.

I *also* might hallucinate that I was Superman, the Earth was my testicle, and the Moon was our darling love child.


2 thoughts on “Wait…what? (or: I don’t even…)

  1. Catholics. What did you expect.

    And for the record…if I spank you, I’m not calling you Thomas. 🙂

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