Home networking

I have a message to anybody building homes these days.

Make sure it’s fucking wired with CAT5 to every room that isn’t a bath room. Actually, you know what? Just pull it to every fucking room.

That’s it. It’s not hard. It’s not expensive to do when the fucking studs are all exposed and you’re wiring the house.

Go buy some spools of CAT5, or 6, or 6e, whatever, and put it in the walls.

Sure, most home buyers won’t care. They’ll go, “Oh, network, I’ll never use that” and you’ll eat the cost. But like I said, it’s a very small cost.

The home buyers that do care? They’ll buy from you over the other builders. Do you know why?

Go try and make a semi-complicated home network work (including streaming video to multiple sources) when there’s no wired network in place.

Go on, I’ll wait.


Good. How much did you have to spend and how many solutions did you try? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

Fucking wire the houses. It’s 2011, not 1911.


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