Mac app store, soon to be as locked down and as annoying as the ios app store

“Why the mac app store makes me sad”

So, news today (yesterday?) is that, very soon, any apps available in the Mac app store will be required to run in the app sandbox. My first thought is “hey, running in a sandbox sounds good for me as a user, right?”

Yeah, apparently not. The list of “entitlements” that apple offers is super small. And they have to be approved by Apple? I mean, what? WTF is this about? At the very most they should be showing a list of permissions that app wants (you know, just like the android market does) and letting me decide if that’s ok or not.

I mean, I love Apple’s hardware and (for the most part) software, but this whole Orwellian Big Brother thing they’ve got going on in regards to their various app stores is ridiculous.


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