Klout has gone too far

I read this article with an eyebrow raised, since Klout mainly gets its data from your Twitter feed, which is inherently public. I knew that it would do some Facebook stuff too, and create profiles for people.

However, the fact that, as the author updates at the end, Klout is creating profiles for minors is problematic.  There’s all sorts of specialized privacy laws specifically for minors, and they probably should do a “Ah, a new influencer from Facebook…WOAH, UNDER 18, ABORT ABORT ABORT” check.

Naughty, Klout, naughty. People get real pissy about their kids privacy.


2 thoughts on “

  1. thanks for sharing the post — and yes, I was really surprised that they were not doing a quick birthday check before creating the profile. I mean, even I could write that line of code, (and I’m not a programmer).

    • Indeed. I mean, they get something for free when the only authenticate via Twitter/Facebook/etc, as you’re not supposed to create accounts if you’re less than 13 (or whatever the minimum age is) there anyway, but still. Minors and privacy get everybody going pretty easily.

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