Imposing on my time

Antique clock face with hands by MomMaven, on Flickr

I’ve realized that my rage has become very hair trigger when other people unthinkingly impose on my time.  My time is valuable. Very. And I have a nice hourly to prove it. Beyond the monetary value of my time is the intrinsic value (to me) of my time. I have so much to do, and only so much time to do it it. When you force me to jump through giant, obnoxious, time-wasting hoops when there’s a simpler, better, easier, faster way, I get extremely irate, and obstructive.

You require an example?

Here’s one of my favorites.  Calling me to “take the discussion off-line”. If I wanted to talk to you, I would have called you. When you call me, you’re demanding my time, right then, no matter what I’m involved in. Here’s a hint. My email? I read when I want to. And I like it that way.  If you feel you can’t get your point across in an email, maybe you should take an English class. Or just shut up.

If you want something from me, don’t make me work harder to give it to you. I hate that, and I’ll passive aggressively make you pay. And pay. And pay.


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