Java to Ruby to Python, and back.

A great pair of articles on moving from Java to Ruby, and then Python. Nothing earth shaking or ground breaking, but well thought out and a good pair of reads.


Klout has gone too far

I read this article with an eyebrow raised, since Klout mainly gets its data from your Twitter feed, which is inherently public. I knew that it would do some Facebook stuff too, and create profiles for people.

However, the fact that, as the author updates at the end, Klout is creating profiles for minors is problematic.  There’s all sorts of specialized privacy laws specifically for minors, and they probably should do a “Ah, a new influencer from Facebook…WOAH, UNDER 18, ABORT ABORT ABORT” check.

Naughty, Klout, naughty. People get real pissy about their kids privacy.

Backporting the EC2 Jenkins plugin to Hudson

It’s ah, not going well.

It’s going so not well that I’m considering switching to Jenkins just to see if that helps. And I have no idea if it even would. I don’t seem to be alone in this issue, and it’s disheartening that there’s not more compatibility between the two projects.

I know the FOSS movement is always about this type of thing, (Hudson being forked to Jenkins because of some sort of misunderstanding with Oracle, who “own” Hudson), but for the end user? It’s a giant pain. If I was a “regular” user, and not a programmer? I’d give up and either not do CI, or pay somebody to make the pain go away.

So…thanks, Jenkins/Hudson community, for sucking.

You can follow my pain on github, if you want.

So, the Hudson/Jenkins EC2 plugin?


I’m setting this up now, and here’s our list of issues. So far.

EC2 Permissions

There’s no list of EC2 permissions you need. So far, we’ve needed to add:

  • DescribeInstanceAttribute
  • DescribeInstances
  • DescribeKeyPairs
  • StartInstances
  • StopInstances
  • RunInstances

RSA Private Key

The field labelled “RSA Private Key” doesn’t mean the private key for the x.509 cert, like you think it does. It means an SSH private key.

With that out of the way, I’m launching instances now. We’ll see how it goes.

Contemplating iPhone 4S as next phone

I know, I know. When I got my Galaxy S, I was all about the Android. I still am. I think the OS has a ton to offer, and in almost every way that counts to my “giant computer geek/programmer” side, it’s superior.

But, that’s not the whole side of me. The other side is all about convenience, and functionality, and ease of use. And, unfortunately, it seems that iOS still has that over Android.

Switching is probably dependent on a few things. How jealous I get of Nikki’s new 4S, how awesome the new Nexus Prime is (and if it’s available on ATT in December), and if we get an untethered jailbreak for the 4S by December.

See, I’m up for a (subsidized) upgrade then. Right now, I’m torn. I think a jailbroken iPhone 4S with iOS5 may just push me back into the Apple boat, for a mobile device. I probably will be annoyed, and be all like “I could do that with my Android phone, why not now?” but who knows.