We are
the fallen

The ones
that you
pretend not
to see.

You discount
us as refuse,
as societal

You see
more clearly
than you



Silently, we watched, as they came for us.  We knew they were coming.  They knew we’d be here. Why didn’t we run, you ask? Running isn’t what we do. We wait. We endure.

We knew what would happen.  They told us.  Eventually they demonstrated, just in case we didn’t believe. We had believed from the start.  That’s who they are. They don’t bluff. They don’t lie.

Some may cast these events as a struggle.  It is not. There is no conflict. We accept what will happen. We do not fight it.

Their own people will watch them, as they do to us what they promised.  They will watch.  They will see. They will think.

They will be our retribution.