J-P Teti: The iPad is 99% more open than any other computer

J-P Teti: The iPad is 99% more open than any other computer

While I totally agree with the author, I also totally disagree.  Yeah yeah, split personality yadda yadda.

Obviously, he’s not talking about the type of open that has gets people all up in arms, not the “I can get the source and make it do my bidding” open.  If he was, he’d be all wrong.  The iPad (and my now unloved iPhone) are the two most *closed* pieces of tech I’ve ever owned.  I’ve had set-top boxes that were more open, in that respect.

However, for the meaning of open that he’s talking about, the “bringing more capabilities to more people with less friction”, he’s spot on.  I feel like I could replace my laptop with my iPad, except that I’m a programmer and you can’t do that on the iPad.  For 95% of my casual computer use, I could use my iPad, with hardly any friction.  It’s a fantastic device in that respect.  When Jobs came out with his “magical device” quote (whatever it was) I was as skeptical as the next person.  Having owned one for a while now, I believe he may have been understating it’s importance.

Also – when did 14yo’s start to do web stuff? Awesome.  I may have the slightest bit of hope for the future of humanity. Maybe.


As you may or may not know, this is my 8th grade year. My school goes to 8th grade, so this is my gaduation year. It would be worth mentioning that I don’t have any nerdy friends at school. I’m the only nerd in the whole 8th grade. I have an iPad. I’m the only person in my class who has one (at…


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