Android vs. iOS: Sharing

So. You’re on your iPhone. Reading something. In Safari, say.  And you want to share it with some friends.  What do you do? Well, barring any clever bookmarklets, you _email_ it to them.

Hello? The 1990’s called, they want their cutting edge tech back.

Email? Really? As my only sharing feature? WTF is that?

Now, if you’re using a third party app (Twitter, say), you get more. “Read it later”.  Yeah, that’s it.

But, you say, what if I want to do something else with it?



Hi-tech indeed.

Now, come over to my world.

I’m reading something. In my browser. Same thing as you, my iOS toting luddite. I want to share it. What do I do? Whatever the hell I want, using the *fansastic* system wide ‘Share’ menu. Not only are some sane defaults in there (email, sms, bluetooth), but third party developers can hook into the menu.

You heard me. It’s developer extensible.

What’s in mine, you say?

  • Send via Bluetooth (3rd party)
  • Bluetooth (built-in)
  • Campyre (3rd party Campfire client)
  • Droid Save (3rd party Read It Later)
  • Dropbox (3rd party)
  • Gmail (built-in)
  • Handcent SMS (3rd party)
  • Messaging (built-in sms)
  • Torrents (3rd party manager)
  • Twitter (3rd party)

My sharing options as large and varied. No copy/paste for this boy.

Do I actually share that much?

No, of course not. Hardly ever. I hate people.

I *do* save a _ton_ of stuff to Read It Later, and the plugin I have is great. That’s the only thing it does, and there’s no UI at all.  Just “Share” => “Droid Save” => there is no step three.

And you know something else? It works everywhere.

Reading something in browser? Yes.

Read a good tweet? Why yes, you can ‘share’ that too.

Oh, and there’s _choices_ too. Sharing a tweet with links? Pick the right link. _Or_ a link to the status. Options galore.

How do you do that with iOS?

You. Can’t.

Because Apple hates you.


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