Scott Adams pisses off 100% of woman, 99% of men. I’m in the 1%.

Heard about the rage against Scott Adams?

Apparently I’ve missed all the backlash of this by a couple weeks.

However, I’m tickled about all of it.  Strip all the emotion out of it, and out of the knee-jerk feministic response (that’s not just from women) and, well, he’s got some good points.

You heard me.

Now, all of you I just pissed off can leave.  Go on.  GTFO.

This thing that Scott has said has always been something that I totally agree with. Oh, not the specific _things_ he’s said, or even the group that he said them _about_.  No, it’s the idea _behind_ what he says that I’m in love with.

It’s this.

Whenever a historically persecuted minority (women, black people, indians, etc) becomes, over time, less persecuted, there’s always a celebration.  And rightly so.  However, as they become less and less persecuted, and eventually, become “normal people” again, they still *act* as if they were persecuted.  And when they get called on it, they lost their fucking nut.

Take my most enflaming example above, black people. Oh, sorry, “African Americans.” That’s what’s kosher today right?  Anyways (different rant).  So, for years (and years, it was a long time) they were mostly slaves to the white man, here in America.  I get that.  It’s wasn’t a good period of history.  What about today? Discrimination is illegal. You do it, you can go to jail.  In the eyes of the law, it don’t matter if your black or white (thanks Michael).  Sure, discrimination still happens.  Sure, some white folks still hate black folks. It’s not a perfect world.

But, now that black people have become, for the most part, just “regular” people, do they (I’m generalizing here, and I realize that) act as if they’re regular people? No. Of course not.  They were persecuted, ergo they’re *always* persecuted.  So they get special treatment.

Don’t believe me? How about some examples.

Black history month? Check.

White history month? No.

If I hit a black person, is it a “hate crime”? Yes

If a black person hits me, is it a “hate crime”? No.

If a black person calls him (or her) self, or another black person a “nigga” (or whatever colloquial slang is cool), is it racist? No.

If I do it, is it? Of course.

What about if he (or she, equal opportunity and all) calls me “whitey”? A-OK.

Look, I get it.  They were slaves.  Then they got treated like shit, for a long time.  Yes, some people still hate them, and kill them if they get a chance.  It’s awful, yes. But they’re not the only ones that other people hate as a group, just for belonging.

And lest you think I’m a racist (I’m not, if I hate you, it’s because I hate you, not because you’re a particular color, or believe a particular thing), I have examples from other groups too.

Take, lets say, women, like Mr. Adams did.  Not exactly a historically persecuted group when compared with my first example, but societally disadvantaged for sure.  Yes, for years all the job they had was raising babies.  Yes, they’re not statistically paid the same as me for the same work.  Let’s run through my (racist, I hear you think) check list from above.

Women’s history month? Check

Men’s history month? No.

If I hit a women, is it a “hate crime”? No, but I might be shot while “resisting” arrest.  That’s a huge societal more for us.

If she hits me, is it even a crime? Yes, but I’m though to be a pussy if I even dreamt of reporting it.

If I call a woman a “bitch” or other sex-based profanity, am I a racist? No, but I’ll get tons of disapproval, and probably arrested for ‘abuse’ or ‘assault’ if she’s feeling pissy.

If she calls me an asshole back, is it a big deal? Of course not.  Is it abuse? It’s exactly the same, but I’m a pussy if I get my feelings hurt.

So, again, special treatment for a historically oppressed group, even though they’re not really all that oppressed any more.

But they get paid less, I hear you bleat.  Big fucking deal.  Why are they paid less? Who knows.  All the studies about it compare just on sex.  Statistically, a “she” gets paid less than a “he” for the same work.  But why? Does she suck at it? Did she negotiate worse? Is she unwilling to put in extra hours? Does the guy sacrifice family for work? It’s rare those questions are asked.  Why would we? It’s “obvious” it’s because she has a vagina instead of a penis.  Uh huh. Oh, I’m not saying it might not be just because of that.  I’m saying that, because of all the emotion tied up in this topic, the question never gets asked, because the asker gets crucified.

Then there’s the group I belong to. White. Tall. American. Male.  Not only that, I’m blond hair, blue eyed, and not Jewish. Even Hitler loved my people. So, it’s really safe to say that we (my fellow tall blue eyed blond men) have never been systematically oppressed in *any* way (oh, except we make great draft candidates for those wars we don’t call wars). So, no special treatment for us.

And if we ever dare to mention the fact?

We’re racist.

Or hate women.

Or hate whoever is the flavor of the day.

And you know what? Fuck that.


J-P Teti: The iPad is 99% more open than any other computer

J-P Teti: The iPad is 99% more open than any other computer

While I totally agree with the author, I also totally disagree.  Yeah yeah, split personality yadda yadda.

Obviously, he’s not talking about the type of open that has gets people all up in arms, not the “I can get the source and make it do my bidding” open.  If he was, he’d be all wrong.  The iPad (and my now unloved iPhone) are the two most *closed* pieces of tech I’ve ever owned.  I’ve had set-top boxes that were more open, in that respect.

However, for the meaning of open that he’s talking about, the “bringing more capabilities to more people with less friction”, he’s spot on.  I feel like I could replace my laptop with my iPad, except that I’m a programmer and you can’t do that on the iPad.  For 95% of my casual computer use, I could use my iPad, with hardly any friction.  It’s a fantastic device in that respect.  When Jobs came out with his “magical device” quote (whatever it was) I was as skeptical as the next person.  Having owned one for a while now, I believe he may have been understating it’s importance.

Also – when did 14yo’s start to do web stuff? Awesome.  I may have the slightest bit of hope for the future of humanity. Maybe.


As you may or may not know, this is my 8th grade year. My school goes to 8th grade, so this is my gaduation year. It would be worth mentioning that I don’t have any nerdy friends at school. I’m the only nerd in the whole 8th grade. I have an iPad. I’m the only person in my class who has one (at…

Android vs. iOS: Sharing

So. You’re on your iPhone. Reading something. In Safari, say.  And you want to share it with some friends.  What do you do? Well, barring any clever bookmarklets, you _email_ it to them.

Hello? The 1990’s called, they want their cutting edge tech back.

Email? Really? As my only sharing feature? WTF is that?

Now, if you’re using a third party app (Twitter, say), you get more. “Read it later”.  Yeah, that’s it.

But, you say, what if I want to do something else with it?



Hi-tech indeed.

Now, come over to my world.

I’m reading something. In my browser. Same thing as you, my iOS toting luddite. I want to share it. What do I do? Whatever the hell I want, using the *fansastic* system wide ‘Share’ menu. Not only are some sane defaults in there (email, sms, bluetooth), but third party developers can hook into the menu.

You heard me. It’s developer extensible.

What’s in mine, you say?

  • Send via Bluetooth (3rd party)
  • Bluetooth (built-in)
  • Campyre (3rd party Campfire client)
  • Droid Save (3rd party Read It Later)
  • Dropbox (3rd party)
  • Gmail (built-in)
  • Handcent SMS (3rd party)
  • Messaging (built-in sms)
  • Torrents (3rd party manager)
  • Twitter (3rd party)

My sharing options as large and varied. No copy/paste for this boy.

Do I actually share that much?

No, of course not. Hardly ever. I hate people.

I *do* save a _ton_ of stuff to Read It Later, and the plugin I have is great. That’s the only thing it does, and there’s no UI at all.  Just “Share” => “Droid Save” => there is no step three.

And you know something else? It works everywhere.

Reading something in browser? Yes.

Read a good tweet? Why yes, you can ‘share’ that too.

Oh, and there’s _choices_ too. Sharing a tweet with links? Pick the right link. _Or_ a link to the status. Options galore.

How do you do that with iOS?

You. Can’t.

Because Apple hates you.