Android vs. iOS: Why I’m sticking with my iPad

So, I have an Android phone, a Galaxy S. I love it, more than my iPhone. I also have an iPad. You’d expect that I would want to get one of the Android tablets that are about to hit the street. Not so.

Why? Easy. The iPad is phenomenal with iOS. It is the screen size and form factor that iOS belongs on. Instead of swiping wi one teeny finger, for a few centimeters, I swipe with whatever I want, ad it really feels like flinging the pages of apps around. The UI and guestures are spot on, with typical Apple polish. I haven’t used any Android tablets yet, of course, but i can imagine them being as good. Android isn’t as polished or as smooth as iOS on a phone, so i don’t expect it to be on a tablet.

What about the whole app store thing, and Apple’s “we know what’s best so STFU”? I find that i don’t care. If it ever be beimes a big deal for me, I’ll jailbreak. I probably will anyways, because i like the freedom I get. It’s not as big a deal on my iPad though. I don’t use it as much as my phone and it’s not my primary connection to the world when I’m out and about.

Sure, the hardware could use a bump, and it apparently is going to get one soon. But it’s awesome, and perfect for what i want it to do. Web, email, social media, games. If only there wa a Rails IDE for it, I wouldn’t even need a laptop when I travel for work. Maybe somebody will write one.

So there you go. Phone? Android. Tablet? iPad.


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