Galaxy S vs. i(Phone/Pad/P*): Headphones

Apple’s earbuds suck.  We all know this.  Even if you’re a raging Apple fanboy, you know, deep down, that they suck.

Sound quality, poor.  Ear fit, also poor, and “one size fits none.”

The only good thing about them is the integrated remote.

My Galaxy came with ear buds too.  Build quality, they’re about the same as apples.  No remote though.  Built-in mic, so it’s a headset too.

I’d have tossed them, but you know what?  THEY FIT IN MY EARS AND STAY THERE!  Apparently Samsung has discovered a brand new magical way to make them fit.  They have interchangable rubber plugs.  They come in three sizes.  I know, wild, right?

Too bad Apple’s never heard of that technology.


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