Quick review: Griffin Standle

Got an iPad for Christmas, like a lot of people I’m sure. Had to get a case for it, and went with the Griffin Standle. I’ve had a bunch of their products before, and I’ve always been pleased with them. The case leaves me full of meh.

It’s a decent case, and feels like it would do a decent job of protecting my iPad in a short fall, but I have a couple issues with it. The first is fit. It’s *tight*, which is great, but mine won’t snap closed all the way. Almost, but not quite. My wife’s does, so it’s not all of them. Still, 50/50 isn’t so hot.

The second is the handle. One of the props, the one for landscape, swings out as a carrying handle as well (hence the product name). Great idea, but it doesn’t feel nearly sturdy enough for me to trust. It’s decent, again, but I’m paranoid. Additionally, the stand for portrait mode feels like it’s going to flap all the way open and drop iPad flat on the table.

The cutouts for the buttons and ports are good, however, and I *do* love the fact that I can put in the dock without taking the case off. The portrait stand flaps right out if the way. Of course, I bet it’s going to put wear marks in th bottom part of the case.

Overall, it’s only an OK case, and I’ll probably replace it in the next few weeks.


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