iOS vs Android: Notifications

Some people’s biggest complaint about iOS is how it handles push notifications.  You can only ever see one, new ones erase the old ones (unless the application badges) and you can’t do anything until you deal with the notification.  I was one of those people.  Being jailbroken, I didn’t have to deal with it (I used a 3rd party package to manage them), but they were still kind of obnoxious.

Androids notifications live where they should, in the status bar with little indicators.  Like a system tray (for Windows/Gnome), the live happily there until you do something about them.  They don’t block what you’re doing, they don’t magically “go away” when you get a new one, they just work.  They’re awesome.

Of course, there are downsides.  You can’t just clear one notification, except by touching it, which will launch the app it belongs to.  They’re not (for the most part) driven by remote servers, so (I’ve found) some of the apps aren’t as reliable about showing them.  The Facebook app, for example, has to check with FB’s servers periodically for notifications, instead of having them pushed to your device, like iOS will do.

Still, it doesn’t matter.  Android handles notifications like they should be.  I have no idea why Apple hasn’t copied them, except that they don’t have a history of copying features.  I’m sure they’re waiting until they think of something better.  And they can’t, so the users suffer.

TL;DR? Android ++ for notifications.


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